AmiPic Sharemaster

AmiPic Sharemaster 7.01

Search bot plus Web and Usenet mass downloader

Sharemaster is an automated and fully customizable Internet search bot, Web and Usenet mass downloader equipped with conventional image viewer, image browser and set of useful tools, such as text finder, file splitter and duplicate files finder.

AmiPic finds web sites matching your interests and downloads not only pictures, video, mp3 and any other files, but also whole web sites, including huge photo galleries and mp3 archives. Using Amipic Sharemaster you can find and download even hidden World Wide Web sites, not available to browse with IE or other programs.

Screenshot Now you can share files simply by uploading them to a web site where other users of AmiPic can download them later. It is possible even without letting others to know your web site URL address! You can share not only regular files, but also you may encrypt files and hide them inside one another.

For example, you may hide a single file or bunch of files in another file, such as a picture, mp3 audio or mpeg video clip. You do not need to create, keep and transmit any password. Each file has it is own secret password and is decoded on-the-fly while being downloaded from WWW or Usenet. Images and other files containing hidden data are fully functional and are identical to the originals. You may still view the images with any conventional image viewer, listen for music or play video clips in your favorite media player.

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